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Holka Barrel Aged Ice Cider

Deliciously sweet. For cheesy occasions.

Tastes best when you feel like something good, or with desserts and cheese.

Deep golden and clear ice cider with a distinct aroma. Ripe apples, honey, fruit caramel, oak and a hint of yeast dough on the nose.

Tastes of ripe and baked apples, with a hint of sherry. Sour, but with a round mouthfeel. Aged in oak barrels that have previously been used for red wine. Goes well with ripe cheeses, fruit desserts or when you’re in the mood for something good.

Apples: Aroma and Summerred

Volume: 0.35 L
Alcohol: 8%
Acidity: 17.52 g/l
Sugar: 94.69 g/l


For the festive mood of Christmas and the evenings before.

Goes well with countesses, butlers and the rest of the family. Or with salty lamb and crispy pork belly.

Glitra is a clear and light straw-yellow, sparkling cider. It has a light and sweet aroma of ripe apples, peaches and fruit caramel.

Apple: Summerred, Gravenstein and Rosett

Volume: 0.75 L
Alcohol: 7.7% VOL.
Acidity: 7.12 g/l
Sugar: 26.3 g/l


For the unforgettable moments

Tastes good on its own, or with something delicious. Like creamy pasta or fresh cheese.

Flørt is a deep-rose, sparkling wine. It is semi-dry and has a subdued aroma of fresh apples, cherries, and white flowers. Flørt is fresh and refreshing in taste, with notes of ripe apples and sweet cherries, with a hint of almonds and fresh figs.

Apples: Rubinstep and 10% sweet cherries

Volume: 0,75 L
Alcohol: 8%
Sugar: 9,8 g/l


A perfect match with fish or shellfish

Huldra is clear, light yellow and sparkling – with a smell of sour apples, white flowers and herbs, and is sour and fresh in taste.

Apples: Aroma, Karin Schneider and Ellis bitter.

Volume: 0.75 L
Alcohol 7.2% VOL.
Acid: 7.2 g/l
Sugar 15 g/l


A perfect match with seafood.

Odel is clear, pale yellow and sparkling – with aromas of sour apples, white flowers, green herbs, and grapefruit peel, with a hint of bitterness and the taste of both sour and ripe apples.

Apples: Karen Schneider og Rubinstep.
And hops.

Volume: 0.75 L
Alcohol 8% VOL.
Acid: 7.68 g/l
Sugar 27.64 g/l


A perfect match with fish or shellfish.

Skoiar is clear, light yellow and sparkling – with a smell of fresh apple, white flowers, and pears, and
with a fruity, slightly sour taste of fresh apples and a floral aftertaste.

Apples: Aroma, Rubinstep, Gravenstein and Bramley Seedling.

Volume: 0.75 L
Alcohol: 8%
Acid: 8.15 g/l
Sugar: 12.71 g/l


A perfect match to tapas.

Valagubben is clear, straw yellow, semi-sweet and sparkling – both tastes and smells of ripe apples and fruit caramel, but at the same time also has an aroma of peach.

Apples: Summerred, Gravenstein and Rossett

Volume: 0.75 L
Alcohol: 7.7%
Acid: 7.12 g/l
Sugar: 26.3 g/l

Disclaimer: Drinking alcohol can harm your health.